Proprietary algo trading signals

Subscribe to our trading signals and receive automated notifications when signals are generated.  We have 3 backtested and fully automated algorithmic trading systems we trade for our own accounts: intraday futures momentum and mean-reversion, long/short single stock statistical arbitrage, and long-only trend following.  Subscribe to individual system signals or get all 3 for a discounted bundle price.

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Separately managed accounts

This service is fully managed in terms of account management and investment strategy execution.  Chose from our intraday futures system for Reg-T margin accounts, equity long/short for margin accounts, or long-only for retirement accounts.  You must have an active account at our prime broker eligible for SMA account access and required trading privileges.

Portfolio Construction Optimization

Our custom built tools historically backtest and optimize portfolio construction to achieve target objectives. Volatility parity, maximal risk/return, minimum drawdown are some of the customization choices we can employ to construct portfolios that have statistical properties we can target.  Adaptive dynamic asset allocation can proactively respond to macro factors that drive strategic returns in specific economic regimes.  Investment automation can be utilized to abstract the investment process from the operational process – this is the key to keeping investors on track as markets evolve.

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Here are some answers to questions you may have

Yes, we can create, code, and execute fully customized strategies.  Please contact us for contract work.

The secret is there is no secret sauce.  Trading strategies are built on well documented, fundamentally driven, inefficiencies in markets. Rigorous testing, attention to detail, and robust code execution are the keys to monetizing these inefficiencies.

These trading strategies are actively traded in personal accounts.  Trading involves risk and the best diversification is multiple income streams. The world needs more entrepreneurs willing to bet on themselves…why not me. 

Absolutely, everything here was learned from someone else’s contribution to human knowledge and connected together to build robust systems.  The best systems are collaborative works that involve many individuals unique contributions. Please reach out if you are interested in collaboration.