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Financial services is dominated by institutions that exist to perpetuate the status quo. We exist to challenge the status quo.

Nearly every facet of modern day life has been disrupted by new technologies.  Yet financial services are still dominated by large institutions using decades old technologies, methodologies, and systems architecture.  Democratization of the financial system is happening now. We believe we should have a choice when it comes to investment management, trading systems, and portfolio construction.  “Buy and Hold” is dead. The next generational wealth opportunity will come from dynamic adaptive asset allocation and tactical trading systems.

Let us guide your financial journey.



Design and democratize the next generation of trading tools and systems to build wealth for individual investors


Proprietary algorithmic trading systems and adaptive dynamic asset allocation were previously only available to wealthy individuals through hedge funds…we want to change that


The most damaging phrase in the language is "We've always done it this way."​

Grace Hopper

Computer Scientist